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Case studies
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Tissue cell salts from Dr. Wilhelm Schüssler

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About tissue cell salts and more from the Naturopathy

There are many successful naturopathic therapy procedures, not only Tissue Cell Salts, Chiropractic and Homeopathy. Which is the best for me and my child? Or which tea prescription or herbal tea do I select? Is there a prescription that always helps? How do I proportion correctly?

According to my opinion, you will benefit from reading this document.

Case studies of Naturopathy, because it is the best that I know

Doctors of medical treatment, Naturopathic doctors and Alternative practitioners

Tissue cell salt, Chiropractic, Homeopathy and Bach flower remedies represent only a small section of the Alternative Medicine.

So different are the people - so different are the personal ways that led to the development of Alternative Medicine and Naturopathy.

Consider the Case studies of the Naturopathy

This was my way:
Through my son´s severe illness, I have appreciated the successes of the conventional medicine. Unbelievable daily work is performed in the operating rooms of the conventional medicine and with great zeal the country doctors work all night long. Nevertheless: I observed my son´s daily convalescence and recovery through the simultaneous use of Conventional medicine and Alternative Medicine. Detoxication through the use of Homeopathy and Herbal tea especially helped him. Today my son is again healthy - thanks to Conventional medicine and Alternative medicine! So I moved from engineering to Alternative Medicine. I learned quickly to comprehend the advantages of the therapy with the globules of Homeopathy. Much more. . . Both ways of this therapy have their entitled place within our health care system:

Conventional medicine & Alternative medicine !

These are no longer alternatives, and not in opposition, but a united whole! The Case studies will demonstrate this.

The solution is in our aim towards the welfare of our patients.

Here is an example, which may represent others :
My back hurts. Suddenly I feel back pain and I automatically adopt a poor stature. My spinal column is overloaded and my posture is no longer correct. There are nerve tracts between the vertebral bodies which connect the brain and the spinal cord with our organs, muscles and sensory organs. The danger exists when a blocked vertebral body provokes the crushing of a nerve. In completely different areas pains arise such as headache or migraines. Which of Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Tissue salt, Bach flower remedies or Herbal tea is the best answer from
alternative medicine ? Consider the
 Case studies!

How is the answer swift? Some patients visit a Doctor of Chiropractic. But most of the patients take pain-killing tablets, although they know that this is not good for their stomach. Others rub different ointments in their back or receice an injection. So we have a temporary pain relief. Does this improve our incorrect posture for the long term? Does this put straight our spinal column again? The result is often the same: a temporary pain relief. A few days later an intolerable pain returns.

How you can have a different result? Please read the  Case studies of the Naturopathy


Which way do these Alternative medicines go ?

If we hope to gain a long-term success, the correction of the spinal column statics is absolutely necessary. At first test with the gentle spine-therapy by Dieter Dorn whether a pelvic obliquity or blockings of individual vertebras is present. These shifted vertebras are simply to be felt out and corrected by specific pressure during their rhythmic movement - safely and pain-free. There is no unnecessary stress on your tendons. Blocking vertebras and pelvic obliquity however can be unfastened and corrected by a short specific Chiropractic jerk. If the musculature is extensively massed before, warmed up sufficiently and supplied with blood, Chiropractic is a successful and safe therapy. The "straightened" static of the body only in this way maintains its position and does not slip into the wrong position.

The concept is rounded off by the employment of ear-acupuncture and neural therapy, which worked in particular in the context of the treatment of pain with physicians for nature welfare procedures and alternative practitioners. The Dorn-therapy, so named after its founder Dieter Dorn, describes exercises you can use as self-help, in order to adjust e.g. basin inclined conditions, which take only 1 min of your time, twice daily.

This holistic concept is an alternative way, in order to treat long term acute or chronic complaints. It achieves more than Homeopathy,  Chiropractic, Tissue Cell Salts, Bach flower remedies or Herbal tea.


And - do not forget!

What grandmother knew - her best household remedies, her Herbal teas, her homeopathy prescriptions

Grandmother knew which tea prescription and which herbal tea from the naturopathy eased belly pain and which pack or wet pack helped her child with high fever. She always had the suitable prescription. Perhaps you remember that your grandfather got his hay flower bag, when the back pain troubled him. Yes, he visited his Doctor of Chiropractor. 


Does it concern paediatrics ?

For your child seek doctors for physician treatment and/or Alternative practitioners, who use the completely pain-free iridology. You will receice information about the constitution and disposition of your child. Commit your child to Alternative medicine and naturopathy with pain-free ear-acupuncture by means of laser, homeopathy and herbal tea. There are no site-effects, and it is completely painless and not frightening for your child!


To conclude I have still another recommendation:

Read regularly the prescription of the week. Here you will find proven prescriptions with Dr. Schuessler Tissue Cell salts, Herbal tea and Homeopathy

Tissue Cell Salts and homeopathy in the italian language: Sali di Schüssler



Trust alternative medicine and naturopathy to be
the best for your long term health !

Secure the best household remedies, information about natural and homeopathical means, that really help, - free from side effects. Simply click here and you will get the
  NEWSLETTER  and all special-reports.

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Our special thanks applies to Heather Gartshore from Brinsmead, Queensland Australia, for her kindly assistance and translation of our Website "Tissue Cell salts and Naturopathy" into the English language.


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